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Location : Muskoka, ON
Type of Work : Residential, Interior, Exterior
Year Completed : 2017
Cost Range : $25,000-$50,000
Description : Muskoka project was a full repaint inside and out. Primarily spraying with some traditional painting as well. Was a month long project and a pleasure and honor to paint

Interior Painting Work

Muskoka 1Muskoka 2
Muskoka 3Muskoka 4
Muskoka 5Muskoka 6
Muskoka 7Muskoka 8
Muskoka 9Muskoka 10
Muskoka 11Muskoka 12
Muskoka 13Muskoka 14
Muskoka 15Muskoka 16
Muskoka 17Muskoka 18
Muskoka 17Muskoka 18
Muskoka 21Muskoka 22
Muskoka 23Muskoka 24
Muskoka 25Muskoka 26

Exterior Painting Work

Muskoka 27Muskoka 28
Muskoka 29Muskoka 30
Muskoka 31Muskoka 32
Muskoka 33Muskoka 34
Muskoka 35Muskoka 10
Muskoka 37Muskoka 38
Muskoka 39Muskoka 40
Muskoka 41Muskoka 42
Muskoka 43Muskoka 44
Muskoka 45Muskoka 46
Muskoka 47Muskoka 48