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How To Get Rid of Paint Smell on Walls?

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Wall painting does not only compliment your interior décor but the exterior as well. Apart from enhancing its aesthetic value, it also adds its value. This process is normally quite challenging, especially when it comes to apply paints on walls. What discourages most people is the smell as it creates discomfort.
This article has looked deep into this aspect and focuses on how you can get rid of the paint smell on walls as discussed below:

Get rid of the paint smell on the wall using an onion

You can use both yellow and white onion. They are mainly used because they readily absorb odor and smell. You can use either a medium-sized or large onion. Peel and cut into half. Place them on a plate facing up.

The number of onions to be used depends on the size of the room. Put one bowl at all corners for 12 hours to completely get rid of the smell.

Removing smell on the wall using a bucket of water

You can also remove smell of paint on the wall using water. This is the simplest method of handling odor. Place a bucketful of water in the center of the room and leave it for a period of 12 hours. If it’s a large room, then you can use many buckets of water.

After the period has elapsed, do not use the water to drink because it is not healthy anymore.

Use vinegar, salt, and lemon

Fill up three bowls with water, then add a piece of lemon and four tablespoonfuls of salt. Use white vinegar instead of lemon.
When using vinegar, make sure that the ratio of vinegar to water is one to one. Put the bowls at every corner and leave it to absorb the smell for 12 hours.
Get rid of the solution after it has absorbed the smell.

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Using Wood Charcoal as well as Ground Coffee

Did you know that you can also use wood charcoal as well as ground coffee to get rid of the paint smell on the walls? Break and crash the charcoal into smaller pieces.
Break the coffee beans using a grinder and put in a bowl. Place the bowls at the center of the room. The number of bowls to be used will depend on the size of the room.

Other methods of removing paint smell on walls

Other methods have been used successfully to get rid of paint on the walls. Amongst the methods are, an electric fan, baking soda as well as a lit candle.
Make sure that you work in a well-ventilated room when using the above-discussed methods.

Final verdict

Apart from feeling uncomfortable in a freshly painted room, it is also unhealthy to stay in such a place, especially if you are exposed for long.

You can make sure that your family stays safe by removing the paint smell. This is only possible if you equip yourself with this knowledge as well as the materials that help to remove the smell. As a matter of fact, all the above discussed processed can be achieved at home using readily available materials, as discussed above.